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International transportation of goods by various modes of transport
in 40 countries of the world!

Import / Export: Europe - Russia - USA - Asia - Middle east - Africa - Australia

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⇒ International transportation of goods ⇐ and goods by various types of transport

Our company has been engaged in international cargo transportation since 2002. We transport goods by road, air, sea and railroad from most countries of the world. We offer comprehensive services: we control the entire transportation process, do all paperwork for insurance and customs clearance.

Five advantages: Quality, speed, paperwork, routes, tracking.

Fast service: More than 50 managers work for you and your business.

Any routes: More than 40 countries to import from and export to.

Six continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia.

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Brazil is the largest and most developed country in South America. The country's economy is developed, and Brazil exports to Russia industrial, production equipment, textiles, clothing and children's goods, as well as construction and finishing materials, hardware.

Transportation of goods from Brazil

As a rule, consolidated cargoes are consolidated in large warehouses, arriving there from different regions of the country by road. They are most often delivered to the Eurasian continent by sea. In Brazil, there are about 15 sea ports, where container loading takes place for sending goods abroad.

Logistics company "Express logistics" organizes deliveries of all types and volumes of goods to/from Brazil "door to door". Sea transportation is carried out from major ports - Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and others. All the way of goods from South America, including customs clearance, takes 45-60 days.

In Russia, the cargo can be delivered not only to St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also to major cities-Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov - on-don and others. Transportation is carried out by road or rail. Our logistics specialists will select the most optimal path for delivery of the goods and calculate the customs and other required payments.

For expedited delivery is best to use the services of air carriers. Thanks to long-term fruitful cooperation with reliable Russian and international partners, we provide air cargo delivery from Brazil within 10-14 days. Air transportation is much more expensive for the customer, so it is more profitable to send only urgent cargo in a small volume. Transportation is carried out through international airports in Rio de Janeiro and são Paulo.

Logistics company services

The Express logistics company renders all types of services in transportation of goods to / from Brazil:

  • FEA outsourcing
  • air and sea transportation of General and consolidated cargo;
  • responsible storage;
  • customs service.

We remove all worries from the client and provide a full range of services, ensuring the delivery of your goods "door to door". It includes:

  • transportation of any types and volumes of cargo according to the individually developed optimal transportation scheme;
  • tracking and control of all stages of transportation;
  • tracking of goods throughout the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • responsible storage of cargo in the warehouses of the company;
  • registration of documents for registration at the customs post, customs clearance and Declaration of goods;
  • cargo insurance.

At each stage of transportation, the client can independently track the location of the cargo. Customs clearance is carried out in Moscow. In any locality of Russia the goods can be delivered by the most convenient mode of transport in the shortest possible time.

Logistics company "Express logistics" guarantees the best prices for cargo delivery. We have extensive experience in the organization of multimodal transport using different modes of transport - air, sea, rail, road, and strictly comply with the terms of international transport.

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Cargo transportation by Air

  • Urgent pick-up and paperwork
  • Optimal route calculation
  • Delivery within 3-7 days to anywhere in the world
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse services
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Transportation by Railroads

  • Any volume – from small to whole freight wagons or containers
  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Additional service - packing and marking
  • Cargo insurance
  • Transportation of oversized and bulk cargo
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Cargo transportation by sea

  • Multimodal transportation
  • Transportation of general and LCL cargoes
  • "port to port", "door to door", "terminal to terminal" delivery terms
  • Assistance in customs clearance
  • Cargo consolidation
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Multimodal shipping

  • Transportation by all modes of transport
  • Optimal route calculation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Tracking of transportation at all stages
  • Customs services
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Road Transportation

  • Fast "door to door" delivery
  • LCL (Grouped cargo) and “full car” service
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Domestic and international transportation
  • Cargo insurance and expedition

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