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International transportation of goods by various modes of transport
in 40 countries of the world!

Import / Export: Europe - Russia - USA - Asia - Middle east - Africa - Australia

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⇒ International transportation of goods ⇐ and goods by various types of transport

Our company has been engaged in international cargo transportation since 2002. We transport goods by road, air, sea and railroad from most countries of the world. We offer comprehensive services: we control the entire transportation process, do all paperwork for insurance and customs clearance.

Five advantages: Quality, speed, paperwork, routes, tracking.

Fast service: More than 50 managers work for you and your business.

Any routes: More than 40 countries to import from and export to.

Six continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia.

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Our company provides services for the import of products for any purpose, except for military. At the same time, we can provide full or partial support of foreign economic supplies from the preparation of the contract to the receipt of customs clearance products at the customer's warehouse.

Services of import of goods to Russia are carried out using road, rail, air or sea transport. If the load is transported over long distances or deliver a vehicle impossible, used for intermodal transport using several forms of transport.

Additional services provided by our company

Import of goods to Russia is not an easy procedure. In order to simplify it for the customer, our company provides a number of additional services:

  • Outsourcing of foreign economic activity, starting from preparation of the contract and finishing with the complex organization of turnkey delivery;
  • Customs clearance services;
  • Product certification;
  • Selection of the optimal route and mode of transport;
  • Secure storage services in Moscow or Europe (Verona, Magdeburg and Vilnius).

In which cases additional services are required

Additional services for the import of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation are in demand in the following cases:

  • if the company does not have a foreign trade Department;
  • if the company has no experience in foreign economic activity;
  • if the company prefers to focus on core business;
  • if the company occasionally requires additional labor resources during peak periods.

How to order the service of import of goods

To order services of import of goods, it is enough to fill in the application on our website or to call us by contact phones. All calculations on the cost we perform on an individual basis, taking into account the characteristics of the goods, the amount of customs duties or the need for certification for certain products. For this reason, there is no online calculator on the site. It gives only approximate calculations, and the final result will be significantly different from the real one. We initially take into account all the variable data and give the final cost and time of delivery.

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Cargo transportation by Air

  • Urgent pick-up and paperwork
  • Optimal route calculation
  • Delivery within 3-7 days to anywhere in the world
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse services
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Transportation by Railroads

  • Any volume – from small to whole freight wagons or containers
  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Additional service - packing and marking
  • Cargo insurance
  • Transportation of oversized and bulk cargo
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Cargo transportation by sea

  • Multimodal transportation
  • Transportation of general and LCL cargoes
  • "port to port", "door to door", "terminal to terminal" delivery terms
  • Assistance in customs clearance
  • Cargo consolidation
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Multimodal shipping

  • Transportation by all modes of transport
  • Optimal route calculation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Tracking of transportation at all stages
  • Customs services
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Road Transportation

  • Fast "door to door" delivery
  • LCL (Grouped cargo) and “full car” service
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Domestic and international transportation
  • Cargo insurance and expedition

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