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Multimodal cargo delivery - highly professional and safe service!

The modern freight market is saturated with a huge number of offers. However, it is important not only to choose a quality and reliable performer, but also to have real guarantees of his official activities. One of the current proposals are multimodal transportation of goods. The service is a cargo transportation under a bilateral agreement, using at least two types of transport. It is important to note that the carrier is directly responsible for the safety and proper fulfillment of its obligations.

Types of freight

When organizing multimodal transportation of goods, the logistics service carefully studies the order and selects the safest and most profitable way of transportation. By type, the carriage is divided into two main groups. They are:

  1. Unimodal. This category is a one way transport baggage. In most cases, the logistics service makes such a decision, when the initial and final points of transportation of the goods, which do not provide for intermediate storage operations, are clearly defined.
  2. Mixed, which include such types as multimodal transportation of goods, combined and intermodal. This category involves the use of several modes of transport.

According to the criteria of transport logistics, there are two types:

  • Internal movement of goods, involving the transportation of products at the request of a particular company that intends to deliver products within its branches or subsidiaries.
  • External delivery - delivery of products or goods from the manufacturer (or seller) to the final consumer.

Terms of cooperation

Working more than 17 years in the segment of multimodal cargo delivery, the company has extensive experience and uses modern technologies in the implementation of each order.

The services of the company can be used by individuals and legal entities. For this, it is necessary:

  1. Contact a company representative and clarify the task.
  2. Provide the most complete information about the products supplied and the route.
  3. Agree on delivery times.
  4. Enter into a contract.

In operational terms, the logistics service takes all necessary measures to organize the delivery of the goods, prepares documents and coordinates all issues with the customer. The company is engaged in transportation of any kind of cargo, regardless of its size, types and periods of storage.

Types of multimodal transportation of goods

Each contract provides for mandatory preparatory work and the choice of the type of vehicle. When performing the task is used:

  • For delivery of goods according to complicated schemes, preference is given to road haulage. Motor transport ideally solves the problem of loading large-size cargo from complex objects, which can only be reached by a truck. This type is the most popular and accessible to a wide range of consumers and is used in the general scheme of transportation. Refrigerated transportations are in special demand. The presence of special equipment allows for transportation at any distance.
  • Sea container transportation. The organization of the delivery of goods by water transport involves the use of containers LCL, FCL. This is a convenient, reliable and safe method that allows you to deliver the goods anywhere in the world without losing its original appearance and quality.
  • Railway transport. This type of resort in cases of the need to deliver bulk cargo. This offer is relevant for large enterprises that have regular and stable business relations with business partners or customers.
  • If it is necessary to deliver multimodal cargo in a short time, it is advisable to stop at air travel.

Preparation of documents and customs clearance

Preparation, correctness and official documentation is one of the important and significant moments in the organization of multimodal transportation of goods. The whole process of cooperation consists of several stages:

  1. The choice of mode of transport.
  2. Financial cost calculations.
  3. Preparation of documents.
  4. Loading, transportation and unloading.

Depending on the type of delivery and the category of the delivered goods, the following are distinguished among the required documents:

  • Invoices for cargo.
  • Multimodal declaration, certificates of all forms, documents about dangerous goods (permission from ADR).
  • Packing list.
  • Sealed certificate.
  • Official power of attorney for transportation.
  • Invoices and summary statements.
  • CMR and TIR.

For the smooth passage of customs, it is important to pre-prepare a complete package of documents. To minimize the risks of financial loss, it is worth giving preference to a proven company.

Advantages of qualified cooperation

International multimodal transportation of goods is a serious and responsible task that is performed by professional services. The advantages of our company are:

  1. Carrying out activities within the legal framework and strict compliance with all requirements of current legislation.
  2. Strict compliance with privacy policy.
  3. Delivery control at all stages.
  4. Compliance with the terms of transportation.
  5. Availability of a wide range of offers and high qualification of the company's logistics service.
  6. Loyal pricing policy and the application of fixed tariffs.
  7. The optimal decision making algorithm.
  8. Preparation of accompanying and customs documents.

An important strategic task is the selection of a reliable partner. Logistics company "Express Logistics" is a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and highly qualified approach to each task!

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Cargo transportation by Air:

  • Urgent pick-up and paperwork
  • Optimal route calculation
  • Delivery within 3-7 days to anywhere in the world
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse services
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Transportation by Railroads:

  • Any volume – from small to whole freight wagons or containers
  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Additional service - packing and marking
  • Cargo insurance
  • Transportation of oversized and bulk cargo
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Cargo transportation by sea:

  • Multimodal transportation
  • Transportation of general and LCL cargoes
  • "port to port", "door to door", "terminal to terminal" delivery terms
  • Assistance in customs clearance
  • Cargo consolidation
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Road Transportation:

  • Fast "door to door" delivery
  • LCL (Grouped cargo) and “full car” service
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Domestic and international transportation
  • Cargo insurance and expedition
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Multimodal shipping:

  • Transportation by all modes of transport
  • Optimal route calculation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Tracking of transportation at all stages
  • Customs services
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Shipping: Europe - Russia - USA - Asia - Middle east - Africa - Australia:

⇒ International transportation of goods ⇐ and goods by various types of transport:

Our company has been engaged in international cargo transportation since 2002. We transport goods by road, air, sea and railroad from most countries of the world. We offer comprehensive services: we control the entire transportation process, do all paperwork for insurance and customs clearance.

Five advantages: Quality, speed, paperwork, routes, tracking.

Fast service: More than 50 managers work for you and your business.

Any routes: More than 40 countries to import from and export to.

Six continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia.

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